Welcome to Make Salt Lake!

Presumably, you’ve signed up on this website, started your monthly membership, and you’ve signed the waiver so you can enter the space and start certifying for the tools. We’re excited to have you as a member, and we have a few tips for you regarding “what’s next”:

  • Did you know we have a google group for discussing just about anything? You can sign up at bit.ly/makeslc
  • Check out the Events Calendar if you’d like to see what’s going on. On most wednesday evenings, we have a member night.
  • Each of the “expensive tools” (Laser Cutter, 3D Printer, CNC Router) needs certification before use. The people who can certify you on that tool should be listed next to it, but if not, contact the membership & communication committee (see next item). Remember: If you break something, announce it to the google group. We get frustrated when things are broken and there’s no communication about it–we need to know so we can fix it.
  • If you need to contact someone but you’re not sure who, you can send an email to “comms” at this domain (makesaltlake.org) and the communication committee can try to hook you up with the right person.

See you soon!