We currently have two 3D printers. Both printers were built by member Thomas Dixon using parts from two old Robo 3D printers as well as 3D printed pieces and parts cut on our small metal cnc.  The printers can print with ABS, PLA, PET G and just about all common plastics. It makes building models, prototypes, and designs of all types easier than ever.

If you don’t already know, 3D printers can take some practice to get proficient with. With our new in-house built printers, we hope to remove many of the challenges that go along with learning to 3D print. These printers are as accurate as most professional models, but will be reliable and easy to use, even for beginners. The printers are free to use for all members, but they require certification before you begin. The class is currently provided at a cost of $10 and will train you in best practices, as well and show you the best way to find success with your 3D prints. Take a look at our meetups page to find out when the certification classes are being held.

To make 3D printing more accessible, we occasionally have filament available for small project,s but we ask that members provide their own to print larger pieces. In addition, we have a number of very talented and experienced people who can help you learn more about the 3D printing process.

The Make Salt Community and XMISSION pulled together resources and purchased a Full Spectrum industrial Laser cutter. It’s cutting bed is 2 feet by 3 feet and cuts with a 90 watt laser. The laser can be used to both cut and etch, or engrave, materials. It will cut various plastics, cardboard, wood, leather, fabrics and many other materials, as well as etch granite, stone and glass. With the appropriate settings, the Full Spectrum Laser will cut through 1/2″ material in a single pass.

Make Salt Lake also has a second laser named, adoringly, Red Sonia. This laser was purchased though a crowd funding effort my MSL members after many people expressed a desire to have multiple people be able to laser cut simultaneously. This second laser cuts with 40 watt laser, so won’t go through as thick of material, but has a much faster etch speed making it an excellent machine for large engravings.

Both of these lasers require certification before use. The certification class is free to all members and will train you in best practices as well as provide some tips and tricks for how to find success in laser cutting and etching.

We have a HP Designjet 500 large format color printer. This printer will print up to 24″ wide and prints off a roll, so the length is largely unlimited. Ink and paper are provided by the space for this printer, but we ask those doing large quantities of prints to consider donating to help offset the cost.

Make Salt Lake also has a well stocked print studio for all your printing and office needs. This space is shared with our Arts Hub neighbors and features many ways to print your projects, as well as many other tools. Currently our print shop includes:

HP Designjet 550 Large Format Printer (see tab above)

Canon Pixma IP8720 – Photo printer prints up to 13×19″

Xerox Phaser 7760 – Two-sided laser printer prints up to 11×17″

3 Button Makers sized 1″, 1.5″, 2.25″

Spiral Binder – Trubind TB-S20AP. Binding coils and plastic binding covers are provided.

Paper Folder -Martin Yale P7400. It can fold pages up to 8.5×14″

We are excited to have a fully outfitted wood shop here at Make Salt Lake. It has everything you need to mill and prep wood, as well as space and tools to build a wide array of wood projects. The wood shop is open to all members and is free to use, but members must complete a mandatory Safety and Certification Training class before using any of the tools in the wood shop. Currently, the wood shop training is hosted every Monday from 7-9pm.  Below is a partial list of the tools available at the Make Salt Lake wood shop. To see everything we have available, feel free to stop by.

Delta Table Saw Platinum Edition Unisaw and 6’x6′ outfeed work table

Grizzly 20″ planer with spiral cutter hear

Invictus 8″ x 4′ jointer with spiral cutter head

36″ Powermatic Wood Lathe

16″ Jet Wood Lathe

Makita 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Chop Saw

Performax 16-32 Plus Drum Sander

Jet Floor Mounted 8″ Drill Press

Delta Bandsaw 20″ throat x 16″ with resaw capabilities

Ryobi portable Router Table

Grizzly 12″ Disc Sander

Ridgid Edge Belt/Spindle Sander

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

Central Pneumatic 21 gal 125 psi Compressor

Grizzly 10″ wet tool sharpener

Hand saws, hand planes, chisels and rasps

We also have a very large selection of clamps, drills and dill bits, driver tips, sanders (random orbit, pad, and belt), router bits, sawsalls, circular saws, nail guns, outfeed rollers, and many other tools and items that make the woodworking process easy and fun.

All of our major milling tools, as well as most of our benchtop tools are now hooked into a centralized dust collection system with dust ports located around the shop. It is driven by a Grizzly 3HP dust collector with two pleated filters.

We have a workbench full of electronics equipment. We have bench-top power supplies, soldering irons, heat guns, multi-meters, and many components. We also have many other basic hand tools like wire cutter, strippers, and screw drivers. All of these tools are open to use by any member without instruction.

We have an ever growing Metal Shop here at Make Salt Lake. In fact, our metal shop has grown significantly in 2018. We now have the ability to produce much higher quality projects and a much larger variety of projects than ever before. Make sure to come visit and see all of the improvements we’ve been making.

Below is a partial list of the tools available in the metal shop:

Lincoln Electric TIG welder

Miller MIG welder

Central Machinery 6” Buffer 

2 X 72 Belt Grinder: 

Ridgid cutoff chop saw

Ryobi 4” Angle Grinder 

Black and Decker 4.5” Angle Grinder 

7 X 10 Precision Mini Lathe

Dewalt Handheld horizontal band saw

Tap and Die Kits


Jet 7” Horizontal-Vertical Band Saw

We also have a selection of other angle grinders, electric metal shears, and various other handheld and power tools.

Make Salt Lake’s newest shop is the Machine Shop. Built in 2018 with a generous loan of two major tools, the machine shop is the newest exciting addition to Make Salt Lake’s tool inventory. The hub of MSL’s machine shop is its Maxmill Metal Mill and AcraTurn 12×36 Metal Lathe. These two industrial, professional level machines are extremely precise, able to be adjusted to with 1/1000 of an inch. The two machines are well tooled up with end mills and cutters, as well as a wide and ever increasing array of measuring equipment. Both the mill and the lathe require certification before use, but are free to use by all certified members.