Make Salt Lake Summer 2017 Renovation Project

[initial post July 26th, 2017]

As part of the 2-year growth initiative we announced in June, Make Salt Lake will be closed August 25th – 28th to renovate the Metal Shop and the Main Lab. We will be adding updates to this page with specifics, answering questions, and sending important messages via email and Slack – our two primary means of communication as chosen by attendees of the Town Hall in June. It is a tight deadline, and we’re finalizing the last details, but the following is set and require member action:

  • All member materials and projects need to be removed by Sunday, August 20th. This includes lockers, shelves, hidden spaces in the ceiling – everything. With the moving that will be taking place, anything left would inevitably be damaged, or thrown out. This is for your own benefit. Please tell everyone you see in the space!
  • We need volunteers! We will be removing everything from the main space, and the metal shop, throughly cleaning the rooms, then painting, sorting, placing our new furniture, then putting in tools and the materials in their new, organized homes. We need all hands on deck for this very worthy cause. We’ll post a sign up sheet in the next few days!
  • Member storage will return September 1st, after we install all the new furniture. There will be new rules to help keep the space clean. Stay tuned for more details.