Classes versus meetups

When you pay for a “class” on some topic there’s a level of expectation for both class creators and students that is unavoidable.

While we do offer classes that are more akin to traditional learning, Make Salt Lake also has adopted the practice of regular “meetups” and “events”.

Meetups are informal and trade structured curriculums for loose topics of interest. Instead of teachers, we have hosts.  A host of a meetup has proven to be a people person, interested in helping others, and has a solid foundation in the topic.

Meetups are a great way to try things out and meet new people. Make Salt Lake also uses the popularity of meetups as a way to assess the need for tools, classes and events.

We list every meetup on and have regular meeting times.  Everyone is welcome to come to the makerspace, bring a project or idea, and geek out about whatever interests you.