Argentum Circuit Printer Fundraiser

As a space, we’re raising funds for an Argentum inkjet circuit board printer! With it, you can almost instantly print working circuits using a silver-based ink on photo paper. It’s only $900, but the sale ends Friday, April 24th 2015.



Congratulations everyone!

CartesianCo says they will ship in May, so I expect we’ll see the printer in June some time. This is so awesome! Thanks so much to our many sponsors (in order of donation size):

  • Kyle Mallory
  • Anonymous
  • Brad Midgley
  • Jesse Gomez
  • Joel Hough
  • Duane Johnson
  • Michael Beck
  • Jacob Gundersen
  • Henry Haskell
  • Steve Foster
  • Jonathan Duerig
  • Aliasgar Kutiyanawala
  • Joren Miner